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A treasurer always plays a crucial role within an organisation. You will manage the entire financial administration from budget, updates, reimbursements, to results. You are the expert on the organisation's finances and are able to answer any questions people have in regards to them.

Together with the Committees of the UCSRN you will make decisions on sponsoring external events, next to this you are also in close contact with the organizers of the UCSRN events in regards to the UCSRN contributions. You will also look into subsidy possibilities and uphold the budget throughout the year.

Next to the Treasurer tasks you will of course also have the option to take up other general UCSRN tasks and give your input on big topics concerning the organisation.

Do you want more information or want to have a cup of coffee to discuss the position of treasurer in more detail? Don't be afraid and contact us at

Tasks of a Treasurer

  • The treasurer keeps the books of the UCSRN.
  • The treasurer is responsible for creating the budget at the start of the academic year.
  • The treasurer is responsible for transferring money and reimbursing UCSRN members their expenses.
  • The treasurer is responsible for the bi-monthly financial updates.
  • The treasurer provides the independent body the necessary documents for the audit.
  • The treasurer closes the books and presents a complete overview of all financial matters at the first General Assembly of the next academic year.
  • The treasurer is responsible for all acquisitions and sponsor activities of the UCSRN.

Key elements in transition

  • During transition, you are taught how to keep the books of the UCSRN, including any accounting, budgetary and finance terms you need to know. Prior experience with finance is a pré, but not necessarily required.
  • You will start on your budget and create a bi-monthly update to practice your treasury skills.
  • You will be explained how to apply for subsidies.
  • We will pay attention to the UCSRN statutes and policy manual and what influence they have on your position.
  • You might be taught how to maintain the website, conduct surveys amongst UC students and be assigned UCSRN members to keep in contact with.