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Effective communication is key to accomplishments for any organization. It is of the utmost importance that contact with external and internal parties is established and maintained. As the UCSRN is a national organization with many of our partners and members spread out all over the Netherlands this is particularly important. As secretary, many of your tasks will thus also revolve around the concept of communication. You will be drafting emails, editing documents, replying to messages, maintaining the Facebook page and/or Website and writing newsletters.

Besides this, you are also in charge of the non-financial administration of the organization. You are the key to keeping everyone informed and making sure everyone can execute their tasks efficiently. This means that you will take minutes during meetings, check up on to-do’s, and always stay up to date on what is happening. Lastly you will also be working closely with the chair as vice-chair, when drafting the agenda and when visiting external parties for example.

Interested to hear more about the responsibilities and tasks of the secretary, via email or in person, contact us via and we will make sure to get in touch!

Tasks of a Secretary

  • The Secretary is responsible for all external communication by the UCSRN and the Board.
  • The Secretary maintains the email, Facebook and website of the UCSRN.
  • The Secretary is in charge of taking minutes during the Board meetings and at the GAs.
  • The Secretary is responsible for the publishing of the newsletters.
  • The Secretary is the Vice-chair and will assist the Chair in setting the meetings.

Key elements in transition

  • During transition the importance of clear, concise and persistent communication, both within the board and its committees as well as towards external parties will be stressed. Effective ways to maintain or establish these relations will be advised on and further resources provided if necessary (such as formal email writing).
  • You will also be instructed on the (non-financial) information that the UCSRN currently holds and where to find it. The organisational aspects of the document and information storage will be explained. An introduction to the most important documents is included.
  • Lastly the task of minute-taking, effective communication with the Chair, and the checking up on to do’s will be both explained. A written template for specific events, like GAs and an overview of deadlines surrounding these will be provided.
  • You will also be given access to the log-in details of our platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.