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As a representative body and advocate of the Dutch UC students, reaching out to external parties is an important aspect of the UCSRN. Over the last 3 years this aspect started to establish, and to improve it, it is important to also give way to more time to it. This is where the External comes in. As External your main tasks will revolve around lobbying and creating external awareness of the UCSRN/UC students to other parties. The task list on this page gives a short overview.

The external have the responsibility of ensuring that the position is tweaked to the possibilities that there are. This means that there will be guidelines, but that there is also quite a lot of room for movement depending on the events in your year. Throughout the years you will be in contact with political parties, deans, and other influencers. A big challenge, from which a lot can be learned.

Interested to hear more about the responsibilities and tasks of the external, please contact us via and we will make sure to get in touch!

The External position is required to read and speak Dutch at the level of full professional proficiciency or higher.

Tasks of an External

  • The External is responsible for the general (political) lobby, through setting up a network of (political) partners, and lobbying for the advancement of held goals.
  • The External is responsible for promoting excellence in education, as well as maintaining diversity and affordability.
  • The External is responsible for awareness creation, through coordinating articles and looking for publishing opportunities.
  • The External is responsible for looking for opportunities to create awareness, such as relevant debates, and conferences the UCSRN can attend.

Key elements in transition

  • During transition, emphasis will be laid on what the new EB's and external's goals are for the coming year, while acknowledging the focus point of the previous EBs in relation to this position.
  • You will be introduced to all our current (political) partners and how the UCSRN relates to them. Next to this, you will also be explained how to maintain these contacts, as well as create new ones in collaboration with the Secretary. Most of the contact with these partners will be in Dutch.