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CORONA UPDATE: There is a new election procedure. Click here to find out more.

Be an AC Chair!

As Chair of the Academic Committee, you have the leading role in representing the academic interests of over 4000 University College students. You will chair a committee consisting of 9 academic representatives, one from each UC. Together, you will join forces to discuss common academic topics, identify shared issues and suggest ideas to work towards an environment that is better for UC students. A platform for discussion will lead to a sharing of knowledge and resources among the Academic Representative Bodies making them all stronger in the long-run and will allow for collaboration on shared and bigger projects.

As Chair of the Academic Committee, you will be part of the Executive Board where it is your responsibility to ensure that both parties stay up to date and communication lines remain short. You will act as the bridge between the two bodies. As AC Chair you will also be delegating the approval of sponsorship of academic events, such as a conference, a journal, academic lectures or a Masters fair, and you will hold a role of overview over these events.

So, do you truly have a passion for University College or Liberal Arts and Sciences education, and do you have an opinion about how to make it better, consider running for AC Chair! Any questions are always welcome at

Note: as Chair of the Academic Committee, you are an ex officio Chair and do not provide your UC an additional vote in meetings.

Tasks of the AC Chair

  • The AC Chair actively lobbies for the academic interests of the UC students.
  • The AC Chair is responsible for the Academic Committee, including its projects and the proposal procedure.
  • The AC Chair chairs the Academic Committee meetings and maintains relations with the academic representatives and councils at each UC.
  • The AC Chair is the communication link between the Academic Committee and the Executive Board.
  • The AC Chair presents the goals for the Academic Committee at the first GA, and provides updates throughout the year.

Key elements in transition

  • During transition you will be introduced to the Academic structures and bodies at each UC. You will also be introduced to your Academic representatives who will form your team in the upcoming year.
  • You will be instructed on the tasks of the Academic Chair, specifically in terms of chairing meetings efficiently, event coordination, internal communication, making agenda’s and goal-setting.
  • You will be introduced to the current projects and goals set by the Academic Committee and the UCSRN and advised on potential ways to complete these and initiate your own.